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Adirondack Treats: Make Your Own Mirror Lake Inn Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe)

Mirror Lake Inn Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Back by popular demand! My favorite cookie recipe!    *reprinted with permission Mirror Lake Inn Chocolate Chip Cookies , Lake Placid, N.Y. Mix until light and fluffy 2 cups butter 2 cups sugar 1 cup brown sugar Blend and add to sugar mixture:  4 eggs Add: 4 tsp. vanilla 4 cups flour 3 tsp. salt 2 tsp. baking soda 4 cups chocolate chips 2 cups broken walnuts (I omit) Drop onto greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 8 minutes. Yields 4 dozen. Tip: I whip up a batch and keep the dough in the refrigerator and bake a few cookies at a time! Enjoy! *if you stay at the Inn you get complimentary afternoon tea and chocolate chip cookies daily. If not, you can make your own and pretend!

Canoeing from Bear to Bog to Little Long

We thought we could use a bit of practice for the 9-Miler canoe race so when a friend asks to meet us at Lower St. Regis we quickly agree. We take the canoe and drive to the Lower St. Regis canoe launch, arming each child with a paddle. A Paul Smith’s College Watershed Steward greets us. He diligently checks the canoe for any invasive plant life, specifically Eurasian Water-milfoil. The Watershed Stewardship Program, among other duties, is responsible for helping to educate the public with ways to avoid the spreading and introduction of invasive species into the lakes. The canoe passes the test. My daughter and I sit in the center while my son practices his stroke in preparation of the big race. We head west about 1/4 –mile, looking out for the first carry. We have a contest on our boat to see who will view the DEC sign first. My son is the winner. The portage is about 200 yards, a quick jaunt. Bog Pond is aptly named. We traverse through a channel with grasses reaching over ou

What to do with kids in the Adirondacks: Saranac Lake's Charles Dickert Wildlife Collection

By Diane Chase Tucked in the lower level of the Saranac Lake Free Library is “the finest collection of Adirondack animals ever gathered in one place.” These animals are not wild anymore or even tame for that matter. The   Charles Dickert Wildlife Collection   is a one-room museum dedicated to the works of taxidermist, Charles Dickert. Read more 

What to do with Kids in the Lake Placid: Holiday Stroll Dec 10-12

My daughter is convinced I grew up in "the olden days." If so, I am afraid to ask what prehistoric era her grandparents enjoyed. She is confused during a family movie night when an actor plays an album on the turntable. To her a record player is a DJ's scratch pad. She hears all about keeping things simple and I now realize I have set myself into that cliché. She believes I grew up in it, that simpler time in her mind, where people sang for no reason at all and danced to the orchestra in their head. Read the rest of my post

Adirondack Museums: Almanzo Wilder Homestead

The renovated barns at the Almanzo Wilder Homestead Farmer Boy!

Adirondack Ice Cream: Donnelly's Ice Cream Flavors!

Each day one flavor is offered, twisted with vanilla. Anything not sold daily is packed into containers for sale in the dairy case. This year Donnelly’s will sell an estimated 5,000 gallons of ice cream. Please pick a size, the flavor has already been decided for you. Since 1920, the Donnelly family has been involved in the dairy industry. But it was in 1953, after two aunts went to a dairy equipment show, that Donnelly’s Corner became synonymous with ice cream. Look to see the original Cherry Burrell ice cream machine still in use today. It is taken apart and sanitized daily then filled with the delicious mixture providing us with the flavor of the day. Donnelly’s soft ice cream is located at the intersection of Routes 86 and 186, outside of Saranac Lake. Monday - Nut Surprise Tuesday - Red or Black Raspberry Wednesday - Chocolate Thursday - Fruit Surprise Friday - Strawberry Saturday and Sunday - Chocolate

Adirondack Events: Lake Placid Film Forum

Celebrating its 10th anniversary the Lake Placid Film Forum is showcasing women in the film industry, new directions in filmmaking and an environmental “green” focus in additional to its annual tribute to silent film. Opening night on June 10th will be a bargain for families at $10 for two Buster Keaton movies and a foreign short “Salim Baba.” The Keaton films will show his career in reverse starting with the 1965 “Railrodder” with a Q&A with the film’s director Gerry Potterton then segue to the 1924 silent film “Sherlock Jr.” Read More

Adirondack Bowling: Saranac Lanes Free Bowling Card

Though ideally my children’s summer vacation should be spent outside building forts, catching fish and living a childhood reminiscent of a Mark Twain story, I am all about the back-up plan. My children’s video game experience so far has been gained from friends and visiting family, I am not sure how far I can press those relationships to include 90 days of gaming. I know I would not want that even if it were offered. Healthy indoor activities can be limited. That end of school transition can be challenging when the school schedules are replaced with other events. Sometimes we find we need to have a routine to keep the peace in the family. As my children grow older I want to make sure those events are positive activities and not directionless hanging out. TFree summer bowling card for students Once again Romano’s Saranac Lanes is offering every student in Saranac Lake a free summer bowling game card. The offer started June 1 and runs through August 31. So for 90 days my children and yo

Adirondack Fun: Spring May Faire

Sometimes my children seem to forget that spring is a season. To them it seems more pit stop to summer than an event of its own. After a long winter, that seemed to want to continue with those late snowfalls, our house is a rush of summertime activity. My children want to discontinue jackets while one even attempts to boycott long pants. I am afraid to pack up the boots and coats because last time I stored the winter gear it snowed. I am just superstitious enough to believe that there is a connection. The 1st annual Daffest will be a wonderful way to really cement the idea that spring deserves celebrating on its own. Saranac Lake’s new community event will paint the town yellow in 2011. Pathways and parks will be a bloom of color. Over a million bulbs will be planted this fall out and around Saranac Lake. To find out how to help, please go to Bulbs are available for purchase at a variety of sponsorship and donor levels. After a long winter a million daffodils will be a wel

Adirondack Fun: Paddle on the Saranac River

There is really nothing like a canoe trip to really bring out the strengths and weaknesses in a family. It requires balance; strength and teamwork some of which we are sometimes in short supply. As we transition from winter sports to summer fun our organization skills are put to the test. The children have outgrown their life jackets and the weather can’t decide whether to snow or rain. The bug spray has to be found along with my very attractive bug netting. Citronella wafts around us like a cloud sparking memories of spring. We have decided to take two cars and leave one at the end of our destination so we will only be going downstream. We are not equipped to go over the permanent rapids and decide a portage isn’t in the cards for this short outing. We start just north of the Village of Saranac Lake and spend a few moments going over the rules of the river. It may seem like common sense but my children always need to be reminded not to stand up in a canoe. The current is swift and

Adirondack Family Fun: Wild Center

By Diane Chase Personally I like to see my fish on a platter with a slice of lemon but I am out voted every time. My children and husband love to fish though they mostly subscribe to the “catch and release” philosophy. Part of me thinks that it is because my children are not really successful with the catching part making the release a foregone conclusion. Read More

Adirondack Family Fun: Library Mini Golf

By Diane Chase When do you ever hear the words library and mini golf in the same sentence? I haven’t seen the Weekender write-up but I hope that it includes at the very least the word oxymoron and possibly “brilliant idea.” So if you are heading to the links this weekend perhaps a warm-up at the Saranac Lake Free Library is worth the trip. You can get in a bit of putting practice while supporting a good cause. Five dollars for eighteen holes of play has to be the best deal in town. The library will be closed for regular services on Saturday but this will give us all an opportunity to explore every nook our library has to offer. One part I am looking forward to is on the walls. The original artwork, which has been appraised, is currently being upgraded with archival materials one piece at a time. The staff has been updating the old catalog that includes write-ups about the original artwork, some donated by tuberculosis patients taking “the cure.” We each have our favorite sections of

Family Fun: Adirondack Green Circle and Earth Day

My family's Earth Day tradition is cleaning the trailhead of one our favorite hikes. We have found some crazy things tucked along the edges of the parking lot of Ampersand Mountain. Some have been personal items that I had difficulty explaining to my son, which only reinforced the importance of wearing gloves. The deer carcass would have been easy to justify in nature, except its remains were still wrapped in a plastic bag. Beer cans and cigarette butts are sadly a normal sight. Read more

Family Fun: Adirondack Springtime Bicycle Rides

Learning to ride a bicycle has as many stages as learning to walk, though walking seems to come with less drama. First the scooter stage (quad-cycle,) then on to the tricycle, which leads to training wheels. Finally that two-wheeled sense of freedom is achieved. Each stage brings a different challenge. For my family, each stage was clung to with white-knuckled intensity. Read More Here

Family Fun: Luge in Lake Placid

The USA Luge team, headquartered in Lake Placid, gives free tours of their facility every weekday at 2:00 p.m. This week the Olympic luge team and most of the staff are in Vancouver supporting their athletes so tours will resume the week of the 22nd. Read More

Big Tupper/ Wild Center Bonus

Big Tupper has teamed with The Wild Center , the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks. Anyone purchasing a ticket to the Wild Center or a day lift ticket for Big Tupper will get a free day pass to the other venue. The free ticket is good for up to two weeks. I am a fan of Big Tupper. Literally, a fan. I clicked on the Facebook flag and became a fan of the little mountain that could. I have been swept along with all the momentum of hearing about and have friends (this time real ones not just Facebook) that have spent time getting the mountain open. With all the computer progress updates and conversation, I have yet to ski there. My family has been able to go but it seems that my own family time has its work conflicts like any one else’s. Ironic isn’t it? To write about family activities but to then send the family off to enjoy so that I can work. My children assure me that they will report back in detail any discoveries from their ski outing at Big Tupper. Before I regale you wit

Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Schedule of Events

The complete Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Schedule of Events is here. Starting with the Coronation of Carnival Royalty. Thursday, February 4 5:30 p.m.: 11th Annual Past Royalty Mixer and Dinner (Moose Club, $, call 891-1286 for reservations) Friday, February 5 7:30 p.m.: Coronation of Carnival Royalty (Harrietstown Town Hall) Sponsored by the Women’s Civic Chamber Post Coronation: Reception following the ceremony at the B.P.O. Elks Lodge #1508 9 p.m.: Cocktail Hour – Music by Mecca Bodega (Waterhole Upstairs Music Lounge, $) 9 p.m. – 2 a.m.: Music by Road Dog Kill (Captain Cook’s, $) Saturday, February 6 10 a.m.: Ice Palace Fun Run (4 miles) (Ice Palace) 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.: 17th Annual Business & Professional Women Chocolate Festival (Harrietstown Town Hall, $) 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.: Lutheran Church Women’s Craft Sale (Harrietstown Town Hall, $) 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.: Petrova Winter Carnival (fun for kids) (Petrova Elementary School Cafeteria, $) 11 a.m.: The Adirondack ARC Curling Exhibition

Lake Placid Ski Jumping Clinic - Fun and Games

For the past four years we have been invited to have our son participate in the annual ski jumping clinics at MacKenzie-Intervale Jumping Complex . My husband and I embrace the idea. What an opportunity to experience something so few other regions have, an Olympic facility near by with coaches and experienced staff of World Championship caliber. Each year my son declines. For the first time, at no encouragement from us, he decided that he wanted to see what the big deal was all about. A friend was going and there was a mention of snacks. We hung out with other families while my son practiced on the play hill, playing games, taking jumps the size of moguls he encounters regularly while downhill skiing. The coaches eased even the most reluctant skier down the hill with fun play and games. The group then moved to the 5-meter hill where the children lined up and did easy jumps. It was all done with a nice transition and sense of play. Much to our surprise our son went with the 30 other ki

January 26 - Mt. Pisgah closed for ski lessons

This is not a huge surprise after the rain received yesterday that Mt. Pisgah in Saranac Lake will not be having ski lessons this evening.

Parents' Night at Pendragon Theatre

Don't let kids have all the fun! Kids’ Night Out will be held at the NCCC Sparks Athletic Complex from 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. on Friday, January 22nd allowing any parents wishing to see the Pendragon Theatre' s performance of Moby Dick Rehearsed. There will be enough time to drop off children and be at the Pendragon Theatre for opening curtain at 7:30 p.m. Complimentary desserts will be available during intermission. Pendragon Theatre brings Moby Dick Rehearsed back to its home turf for a limited engagement before continuing its North Country tour. Teaming with North Country Community College’s (NCCC) Kids’ Night Out on January 22nd, Pendragon Theatre hopes to give all community members the opportunity to see this incredible show. Kids’ Night Out provides free play and some organized games under the supervision of NCCC athletes. The three-hour program costs $10 per child and is open to all children from five to twelve years of age. Please contact each organization for more