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Easy Short Adirondack Hikes: Inlet (NY) Ferd's Bog Hike (near Old Forge and Eagle Bay)

Ferd's Bog trail
Distance = 0.3-mile
Elevation and Vertical Ascent = n/a

Walking along the Ferd Bog trail in Inlet, NY is a brief, but well spent hike. The 0.3-mile trail is not only a great way to stretch your legs after a road trip, but it is the perfect place to view rare Adirondack bog plants and boreal birds.

After spending a beautiful day in Inlet, my family is always looking for easy, short hikes to take the jitters and wiggles out of my ADK kids.

After signing the register the trail starts out level, but does have a slight descent where the woodlands meet the wetlands. Watch out for roots as you descend. A plastic boardwalk finishes this easy hike into the beautiful bog.