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Lake Placid Yule Log Traditions

The Yule Log By Diane Chase Though difficult to trace, as most traditions are, burning the Yule Log has become a symbol of prosperity and luck for the coming year. Stories have dated back to the 12th century when European winter festivals celebrated the winter solstice. The lighting of the log symbolized the return of the sun and longer days. Some people have each family member sit upon the Yule Log before it is burned for good luck. Others will write a wish to toss into the fire to ensure good luck for the coming year. All in all, it is a means to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune to family and friends.  The tradition is maintained from year to year by saving a small portion to use to light the next year's log. We all have our holiday traditions but nothing is seeped more in the tradition of winter activities than the town known as the birthplace of winter sports in America. Once again Lake Placid is bringing back traditions of ol'. The High Peaks Resort i