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Malone Country Fair

I have always been partial to fairs. Not really the huge amusement parks (though we have gone to a few of those) but the traveling carnivals. I am not, however, much for the fast rides. A lifetime ago a cousin once challenged me to an "eat and ride-off" at one such visiting fair. Yes, immature, I know. So we ate carnival food and rode on the fastest rides. I lost and to be frank so did anyone else that was riding "The Zipper" with me. My cousin went on to consume more food and enjoy many more rides. I woefully handed over all my tickets and sat with my head between my legs. Interestingly enough my taste for carnival snacks never diminished, just the jostling rides. The Franklin County Fair in Malone, NY, is the largest annual, long-standing event in Franklin County. The Franklin County Agricultural Society was formed in August 1851. For over 150 years the Society has continued their purpose of improving agriculture, horticulture and the inclusive mechan