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Easy Short Lake Placid Hikes: Hiking Cobble Hill

By Diane Chase Take the family for this short hike located right in the center of the Adirondack's Lake Placid.  The kids of all ages will enjoy this scenic view of the High Peaks and village of Lake Placid. We are lathering the children with sunscreen. What a wonderful word, sunscreen. Up to this point we have unintentionally thwarted the sun’s rays by numerous scarves and ski masks. Sunblock would have been an unnecessary layer. Now the car has that smell of beach and summer and masks the musty road salt remnants of winter. We have discovered that a trip to the grocery store is best served after a bit of outdoor activity. Cobble Hill provides a quick remedy. The most challenging part of our climb up Cobble Hill is finding the entrance. Whitney Road is a private road so there is no sign posted. We are here at the good graces of easements and owners. A few cars are already squeezed against the side of the road. We park and walk up the road a bit then turn around. The trai