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Streetcar Lecture Series at Pendragon Theatre in Saranac Lake

An exciting multi-media lecture series with scholar John Dileo will take place  on Sunday  afternoon July 14 th called “T. Williams and Company: His Essential Screen Actors” and  on Monday  evening July 15 th  entitled “Streetcar…is that you?: The On-Screen Imitators of William’s Masterwork”. Book signing will follow the lectures. John DiLeo  is the author of five books about classic movies: And You Thought You Knew Classic Movies!: 200 Quizzes for Golden Age Movie Lovers  (1999); 100 Great Film Performances You Should Remember But Probably Don’t  (2002);  Screen Savers: 40 Remarkable Movies Awaiting Rediscovery  (2007);  Tennessee Williams and Company: His Essential Screen Actors  (2010);  Screen Savers II: My Grab Bag of Classic Movies  (2012). John has presented his Tennessee Williams programs at the Williams festivals in Provincetown and New Orleans. You can follow him at his blog ( ), website ( ), and on Twitter (@JOHNDiLEO).