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Five (5) Spooky Adirondack Family Halloween Events

Halloween is all about being scared so here are five ideas from mildly scary to an Adirondack fright night for all ages to enjoy! Enjoy these ghoulish ideas! 
Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve is one of my favorite events. I love seeing all the costumes and creativity that goes into dressing up for a holiday that holds its roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Some sources state the name Samhain originating from two Gaelic words, “sam” and “fain” meaning “end of summer.” 
The harvest festival was to bring an end to the harvest and gesture in the beginning of the cold of winter. With superstition and religious undertones, Halloween was also a time that people thought the divide between worlds thinned and the dead could return to cause mischief such as crop failure and famine. All Hallows’ Eve also precedes the Christian festival honoring its saints. Now we celebrate with candy, costumes and a bit of the harvest with numerous activities, some for the brave of heart, but all root…

Easy Short Adirondack Hikes: Inlet Raquette Lake (NY) hikes: Cathedral Pines

Cathedral Pines Distance  0.1 mile Dedicated to the memory of Malcolm L. Blue, a young navigator of the 8th Air Force, is a plaque affixed a stone monument. The walk is relatively level with a few uphill treks but no significant gain/loss in elevation. Watch out for roots which are plentiful. The monument is just a few minutes’ walk from the highway.  This hike isn't just for  kids, but is an easy Adirondack family hike is  a quick wooded walk for all level of hiker including grandparents or with your dog.

The plaque reads: “This tree, Created by God and Old When Our Country Was Born, Fine and Straight-Grained Like the Boy Himself, is Dedicated in Memory of 2nd Lt. Malcolm L. Blue, Navigator of a Liberation Bomber With Eight Air Force. Killed in Action Over France June 2nd, 1944. Few Men Have Earned so Fine a Memorial.” 

The treasure to look for is a small monument dedicated to the memory of a World War II navigator of the 852nd Bomber Squadron, 2nd Lt. Malcolm L. Blue. Blue had been …