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Strangers On A Bridge – Cold War Attorney James Donovan’s Granddaughter Reflects on His Legacy

Strangers on A Bridge by James B. Donovan “I decided to keep a diary on the case…on what would appear to be my most challenging assignment of law since the Nuremberg Trials.”   ~ James B. Donovan, Strangers on a Bridge : The Case of Colonel Abel   Nowadays one would be hard pressed to find someone who has not heard of the historic role of Cold War attorney James Donovan , the subject of the Steven Spielberg’s six-time Oscar nominated film, Bridge of Spies . One Google search, a subscription to Time , The Wall Street Journal,   The New York Times or any other newsfeed provides enough information to fill a term paper or at the very least a few paragraphs of this post.  Donovan’s granddaughter Beth Amorosi recalls when that wasn’t always the situation.  An untimely death in 1970 of a heart attack at the age of 53 pushed her grandfather’s legacy to the bottom of the history pages, into the footnotes.  “Over the years my family was somewhat actively trying to revitali