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Make Your Own Easter Egg "Confetti Egg" Cascarónes

Cascarónes are a lot more fun than just dying the eggs. You get to blow out the egg, dye the egg, fill it with confetti and smash it on your brother's head - all in the name of good luck.                                             Cascarónes are used in Mexico during Carnival as well as Easter and other celebrations. The word  cascaron means "egg shell." ( Don't forget food safety when handling raw eggs.)   These hollowed-out eggs can be filled with glitter, confetti or even small toys. Since my husband hates glitter, we stick to paper confetti. Enjoy!  Ingredients raw eggs in shells large needle (children should not do this alone) boiling water food safe dye vinegar confetti (make your own by cutting up tissue paper into small pieces) 1) Wash the eggs with soap and warm water 2) Gently ease the needle into one end of the egg 3) Use the needle to pick out a small hole at one end 4) Shake the contents of the egg into anothe