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Cabin Fever Sunday Series at the Adirondack Museum

On our visits to the Adirondack Museum, my family has always found that there really isn’t enough time to see it all in one day. That is why the Adirondack Museum Cabin Fever Sundays present a different way of learning about the vast information tucked within the museum’s buildings in Blue Mountain Lake.  According to Adirondack Museum Marketing Assistant Paige Doerner the second Cabin Fever event will feature Adirondack Life Senior Editor Niki Kouroksky’s tales of “Adirondack Outlaws.” Kouroksky is bringing the Adirondack’s criminal element to light and is highlighting just a few of the scallywags, bandits and fiends from her recently published book,  Adirondack Outlaws: Bad Boys and Lawless Ladies. “We have a lot of variety this year,” states Doerner. “We have Niki’s lecture and book signing on February 1 st  here at the museum. We also have a Mohawk Dance and Cultural Presentation, the Adirondack Wildlife Rehabilitation Refuge will bring a wolf and two musical events in