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Third annual Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) Winterfest this Saturday, January 9 (9 am - 8 pm)

Enjoy a full day of free winter activities at the ADK Winterfest! It’s a go for the third annual  Adirondack Mountain Club’s (ADK) Winterfest at the Heart Lake Program headquarters at Adirondack Loj,  near Lake Placid. Don't be concerned about the recent stretch of warm weather. It has not deterred ADK organizers from putting together a wonderful free series of winter sporting events that showcase all the Adirondacks has to offer. My family has attended the Adirondack Mountain Club’s (ADK) Adirondack Loj Winterfest since its inception and we always have a blast. We spend quite a bit of time at this “gateway to the Adirondacks.” We've found the January 9 th Winterfest is the perfect opportunity to introduce a one-stop shopping of winter activities to friends and visitors. This free day of winter opportunities will highlight the 700-acre Heart Lake property. ADK Winterfest Schedule of Events for January 9, 2015 According to ADK Education Program Coordinator

Three Kings' Day (Rosca de Reyes) Bread Recipe

Our tradition is to take down the Christmas tree on Three Kings' Day (January 6). The kings have been traveling around our house, searching for the Creche. When they arrive we will all celebrate with bread and hot chocolate while packing up ornaments.  There are healthier versions of sweetbread but I feel the treat of of this bread combined with the sadness of taking down our tree is worth the extra crunches.   I hide a few pieces of chocolate in the bread. Traditionally a porcelain doll (symbolizing the baby Jesus) is used and the person finding it has to throw the next year's party. In our house who ever finds a piece of candy gets a special wish. Surprisingly enough each of my children usually find the lucky gift.  Three Kings' Bread Recipe