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Saranac Lake for Kids: Fall/Autumn at Tucker Farm's Great Adirondack Corn Maze

Just outside of Saranac Lake is a great family activity for ADK kids of all ages, The Great Adirondack Corn Maze. The view from Tucker Farms, Gabriels, N.Y. Finding the way out of The Great Adirondack Corn Maze Care to try some of Tucker Farm's red and blue potatoes? 

Diane Chase: Adirondack (ADK) Hiker Safety Tips During Hunting Season

Don't be afraid to wear that Blaze Orange vest. It's a color that goes with everything! It will bring out the safety in your children's eyes.  When I first moved to the Adirondacks I never took in consideration  hunting season  as having an effect on my outdoor activities. Yes, I realize that was naïve of me but I have no experience with hunting and had only hiked in the summer. During those warm months gun safety is not on a non-hunter’s radar. Since I can’t be the only person in this predicament, here are some simple rules to keep in mind. There is room enough in a six-million-acre park for hunters and hikers. My children are well aware of what they need to do to be safe while hiking in the woods. We unpack our blaze orange vests and hats and stick to the trail. It is this time of year that I encourage them to talk loudly and stick together. Playing it safe during hunting season 1)     Don’t be afraid; be cautious. 2)     Be informed of what is “in season.”