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Stream Insects and Crustaceans for Healthy Water

T he sampling of aquatic macroinvertebrates provide s a convenient and cost-efficient method for determining the water quality of a stream. Aquatic macroinvertebrates are water animals that have no backbone and can be seen without magnification.  Aquatic macroinvertebrates include such animals as crayfish, clams, aquatic snails, aquatic worms, and the aquatic larvae of winged insects. Aquatic macroinvertebrates can be classified into three groups based on their ability to tolerate water pollution: Pollution Sensitive:  This group of macroinvertebrates are very sensitive to water pollution.  They are generally only found in water of good quality. Stonefly Nymph Caddisfly Larva Water Penny Riffle Beetle Mayfly Nymph Gilled Snail Dobsonfly Larva Water Flea Planarian   Somewhat Sensitive:   This group of macroinvertebrates can tolerate low levels of water pollution.  They can be found in water of good or fair quality. Crayfish Sowbug Scud Alderfly Nymph Fishfly Nymph