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Adirondack Invasives: Honeysuckle

Trumpet honeysuckle ( L. sempervirens )   is a native plant DID YOU KNOW? Native Adirondack honeysuckle to look for are: American fly-honeysuckle  ( Lonicera canadensis ) and  Limber honeysuckle  ( Lonicera dioica) and   Northern bush-honeysuckle ( Diervilla lonicera ), Wetland area honeysuckles : Mountain fly-honeysuckl e ( L. villosa ) and Swamp fly-honeysuckl e ( L. oblongifolia ) Native vines:  Trumpet honeysuckle ( L. sempervirens ) and Hairy honeysuckle ( L. hirsuta ) How to tell the difference? Invasive honeysuckle have hollow stems while the Adirondack natives have solid stems . Non-native are larger and more vigorous than the Adirondack honeysuckles.

Saratoga Springs Art Classes and Summer Camp Registration

The  Saratoga Arts Center in Saratoga Springs  has released in 2013  Fine Art Classes for Everybod y program.  There are Open Studio to Basic Drawing classes available. Don't forget to enroll children in the School Break Camps .  School Break Camps are full week programs in theatre and visual arts for children ages 5-14. There are two sessions, February 18-22 and April 1-5.