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Easy Short Adirondack (ADK) Hikes: Catamount (Franklin Falls) Lake Placid/Wilmington NY

Distance : 1.8 miles Elevation : 3,169' Vertical Ascent : 1,542' Catamount is a wonderful Adirondack family hike that takes children and families to a new level, behind easier hikes perhaps encountered previously. T his is a 1.8 mile hike (one way) is not for the meek though it begins as a flat wooded path for the first 0.5 mile before becoming steadily more steep. Follow the yellow painted slash marks through this private easement.  At about 0.5 mile  the trail bears right and begins to climb. Look for a small stream at 0.8 mi. and then the hike begins gaining in elevation and continues a mostly steep climb to the base of a narrow rock chimney at 1.5 miles.