Adirondack Family Fun: Library Mini Golf

By Diane Chase

When do you ever hear the words library and mini golf in the same sentence? I haven’t seen the Weekender write-up but I hope that it includes at the very least the word oxymoron and possibly “brilliant idea.” So if you are heading to the links this weekend perhaps a warm-up at the Saranac Lake Free Library is worth the trip. You can get in a bit of putting practice while supporting a good cause. Five dollars for eighteen holes of play has to be the best deal in town. The library will be closed for regular services on Saturday but this will give us all an opportunity to explore every nook our library has to offer. One part I am looking forward to is on the walls. The original artwork, which has been appraised, is currently being upgraded with archival materials one piece at a time. The staff has been updating the old catalog that includes write-ups about the original artwork, some donated by tuberculosis patients taking “the cure.”

We each have our favorite sections of the library. I usually take a stop at the reading area while my children lead the way to the children’s room. Of course the audio book section has helped keep any long car rides remotely civil. So this Saturday as my family competes against each other through fairway greens and obstacle courses we can perhaps find new favorite sections of the library.

The concept of library mini golf as a fundraiser came about as a misunderstanding when members of the Trumbull Library Foundation wanted to help Gulf Coast libraries under siege from Hurricane Katrina. The words gulf and golf were misspoken and golf turned to mini golf to help the Gulf. Confused? Since 2005 Library Mini Golf has been helping other libraries raise funds and awareness in this entertaining way.

The floor plan, if you feel it will give you a leg up on your competition, is in the Weekender section. Since this is a fundraiser to purchase new tables and chairs for the Main Reading Room, the cost is $5 for adults and children and $2 for non-playing adults. From 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the Saranac Lake Free Library. A concession stand will be available on the lower level. Call 891-4190 for more information.


Anonymous said…
Had an awesome time there with my family. What a clever idea. Hope it becomes an annual tradition. - Kate
Diane said…
Hi Kate,
Thanks for reading! We probably saw you there since we went back twice. It is a great fundraiser for the library plus everyone had fun!

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