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Viewing the 41st Luge World Championships

It will be a sea of spandex suits, warming huts and waving flags. No, it’s not a comic book convention though the next two weeks will attract the same amount of hero worship. With twenty-one countries being represented in the 41st Luge World Championships, Lake Placid deserves a bit of fanfare. The first time the Worlds came to Lake Placid was 26 years ago. It was the first time the event had been held outside of Europe. Now it is back. The event is toted as the final major event for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. This is going to be a career builder or breaker for some. Some tricky areas for the sledders will be Cliffside, Labyrinth, Bendam’s Bend and Chicane. The organizers of the event are making it very user friendly. There are viewing areas set up around the track with television monitors showing the rest of the run. Ticket holders are not restricted to seats but allowed to walk all around to get various views. It is going to be exciting as people, competitors and ticket

The Olympic Sports Complex Combined Sliding Track


Fun Facts: Banana

What is a bunch of bananas called? Check for the answer in the index under, well... Answers!