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The Joy of Giving

My children have mastered with great success the joy of getting. Whether it is a birthday party or a trip to the store, they have quite a bit of freedom of choice. They choose their snacks, vote on meals and certainly have strong opinions on the gifts they would like to receive. Since they know nothing else, they do not realize that other people may not have as many choices available. The more challenging aspect of parenting, for me, is to strengthen a generous spirit. As with everything it is teaching by example and I can only hope to show my children the same generous nature my parents showed to me. Since I am not the perfect example of parenting, sometimes life presents the opportunity to help me make giving tangible. The Joy of Giving Party’s whole purpose is to foster altruism in children in the hopes that cultivating an unselfish behavior when young will inspire such behavior as adults. Each family is asked to bring an unwrapped gift (new or used) that has real meaning to the ch