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Meat-Eating Plants? Adirondack Carnivorous Plants

Sundews are a carnivorous plant from in the Adirondacks Nature Detective?   Yes, please!  At least with Adirondack carnivorous plants, you don't have to worry about it eating your pets or smallest child. This isn't A Little Shop of Horrors,  but Mother Nature's pest control.  Pitcher Plants at Ferd's Bog There are carnivorous plants that are native to the Adirondack Park, but they are much smaller than the mythical Venus Flytraps. The sundew, pitcher plant, and bladderwort are beautiful as they are resilient.    These   plants use various natural disguises to lure in its prey. No carnivorous plant completely relies on insects as a food source. Photosynthesis is still at play.   The sundews' sticky leaves glisten in the sun, tricky insects onto the leaves. There they are trapped and "eaten" by means of the plant's digestive enzymes.   The pitcher plant uses its brightly colored "trumpet " and nectar to lure insects into the