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Nature Trail Trivia: Dragonflies and Damselflies

By Diane Chase Can you name one difference between a damselfly and a dragonfly? Here are two insects that adults and kids can meet walking an  Adirondack nature trail  or canoeing on a pond . It's all in a name! Dragon flies will actually eat Damsel flies if given the chance. It is easy to remember if any fairy tales come to mind where the dragons capture the damsel (another word for young girl) Dragonfly at rest Another difference is that when a dragonfly lands with its wings spread out while the damselfly rests with wings tucked in like a bird. Damselfly at rest

New York State Trivia Answers

The Eastern Blue Bird which is also the state bird of Missouri. This small thrush has a white belly. The males are bright blue on the head and back with a reddish brown throat and breast. The adult females are a faded version of the male with lighter blue/grey wings and head, and a pale brown throat and breast. Learn more about the New York State Bird