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Easy Adirondack Hikes: Mount Van Hoevenberg (Lake Placid)

Mt Van Hoevenberg  Distance  = 2-2-miles Vertical ascent = 799' Elevation = 2, 940'  Hiking the Adirondack High Peaks isn't always an option, but hitting the trail for a beautiful day hike can always be squeezed into our agenda  When my children were younger we looked for those hikes where they could finish on their own with a feeling of accomplishment   The children are now able to take longer and longer hikes. For me it is with great pride and slight sadness that my daughter no longer requests the baby carrier.    She enjoys being on the trail and boosts my own confidence by elevating me to superhero status. If she feels lost, I find her. If she cries, I heal her. I open my backpack and provide her with ointments to sooth her ills and snacks to appease her hunger.               I am attempting to extend our trips with the eventual goal being a backpacking trip into the woods. Not like our first camping trip where I spent more time on the road th