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Adirondack Fire tower Hike: Champlain Valley's Poke-O-Moonshine

Poke-O-Moonshine Fire Tower, Keeseville NY Climbing Poke-O-Moonshine, Keeseville Elevation: 2,170' Vertical ascent: 1,450' Ranger Trail: (red markers) 1.2-mile Truck Trail: (blue markers) 2.4 We have not climbed Poke-O-Moonshine in quite some time. My son wants to listen to the song that refers to it by name. My husband and I look at him in confusion. He quotes the lyrics, “Misty Poke-Moonshine, teardrop in my eye.” Hmmm. It leads to a discussion on John Denver, “Country Roads” and the moonshine, in that song, refers to the home-brew “white lightening” not an Adirondack hike. hiking map of Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain  All references I’ve found to the name point to it being an amalgamation of the Algonquin words “pohqui” meaning broken and “moosie” translating to smooth. Some people believe the name refers to the flat rock summit and sheer granite cliffs. Those cliffs attract rock climbers from all over to attempt more than 50 rock-climbing routes with n

Solar Eclipse Today! Make a quick Cereal Box Solar Eclipse Viewer Pinhole Projector

Please be careful today when watching the Solar Eclipse cross over North America. Even though the Adirondacks only expect to be at about 63-67% totality (the moon covering the sun), the harshness of the sun's rays will still do damage to your eyes if you do not wear the proper protection. To see what time the Solar Eclipse is happening in your area, click here.  According to the  NASA website , during a solar eclipse the moon aligns with the sun, temporarily blocking out some or all of the sun's rays. Why is it important to wear proper protective eye wear?  1) The sun will literally burn your eyes. 2) Since the sun is partially blocked, people may think the sun's rays are not harmful. That is not true. With the sun partially blocked, people have a false sense of security. Proper eye protection is required. © TIME magazine: 1960s school children view solar eclipse with cardboard box 3)   Solar retinopathy occurs when ultraviolet light from the sun floods t