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DIY: tee shirt grocery bag without sewing (directions)

Yes, you do need a a tee shirt to make this bag, but the one I used was in a free bin at a thrift shop. Materials One tee shirt and a pair of scissors Instructions 1) Find an old tee shirt or get one from a variety of places. I found this one in a free bin at a thift store. 2) Cut off the sleeves 3) cut off the neckline 4) measure how deep you would like the bag to be. I used another reusable cloth bag for my measurement as well as a knitting book. 5) Cut fringe from the bottom to where the bottom where you would like the bag to be. Separate the side fridge and cut up to meet the size of the other fringe. 6) Start at one side of the fringe and tie two pieces of material together into a knot. Continue tying knots until the end of the shirt is reached. Look inside the bag. If you can see holes through the knotted sections, go back and then take one piece of fringe from each adjacent knot and tie it together. That will seal up any holes. Great bag that is com