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Community Observation Day at Lakeside School, Westport, NY

One March 4, Wednesday, Lakeside School at  Black Kettle Farm  is hosting an observation day for all  parents located in the Adirondack Park near Essex, NY, interested in Waldorf education for their child/children.  The morning will be spent visiting the Main Lesson of the Elementary school (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade), the Kindergarten (age 3-6), and joining the Sprouts (age 1-3) outside. There will be time to speak with the teachers and ask any questions you might have about any of the programs.  Community Observation Day is on March 4 th   from   8:45-10:30am . Sign up in advance with Kathleen Morse or Torunn Lyngroth Aberle by calling 518-963-7385, or e-mailing .  Lakeside School runs from early September to mid-June and is a developing member of the  Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America . It is located on the corners of Cook and Leaning Road in Essex, NY at   Black Kettle Farm .

Coping With the Death of a Pet:

The Rainbow Bridge:  Norse Legends, Lost Pets and Natural Parks When our family dog, Ella, had a stroke she didn't magically disappear and reappear a few weeks later as a puppy. She died on a sidewalk at 8 pm during a busy weekend in Ocean Beach, Fire Island. There was no way to cover up that she had passed on. She did so right in front of my son. It was horrible and uplifting all in the same moment. My husband and I had to make quick decisions because the vet was off island and we had to bury her in my mother-in-law's yard that night. The police grabbed table clothes from nearby restaurants and got a trolley to wheel our dog to our house. My children and I followed behind while people shielded their own children from the site of our beloved Ella. My children were beside us when we wrapped her in the cloth and put her in the ground. My children got flowers from the neighbors and we walked to the beach and threw flowers into the ocean waves lighted by a full moon.

Northern Lights School Mayfaire at the Adirondack Carousel

By Diane Chase It was a long winter, though I did enjoy every minute of it. My family was able to ski, snowshoe and skate through most of those cold winter months. As Chaucer wrote, “…all things have an end,” so there goes winter in the Adirondacks leaving us to celebrate spring with all its most delightful changes. It is easy to let the seasonal changes go by without appropriate fanfare. When blackflies start biting or mud washes out our favorite trails, we want to remember the flower buds, robins and rock-hopping adventures rather than focus on the negative. One annual event that emphasizes the change of season is the Northern Lights School (NLS) Mayfaire. For the second year the NLS Mayfaire has joined forces with the Adirondack Carousel in Saranac Lake for its May 31 st  (11:00 am – 3:00 pm) celebration of spring. The schedule is set for an afternoon of community art, nature crafts, and live music. Green Goddess Natural Foods will have an array of their wonderful food a

Taylor Haskins Quartet to Play at Lake Placid Center for the Arts

The Taylor Haskins Quartet will  at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts on Sunday, August 19th, 2012 at 7:30 pm. Joining Taylor for this event will be pianist Mark Shilansky, bassist Joshua Davis, and drummer Jeff Hirshfield. Taylor Haskins is being hailed as one of the most original new voices on the trumpet today. Downbeat Magazine has declared him one of the ’25 Trumpeters of the Future’, stating that Taylor displays “a probing, adroit lyricism and a gift for complex, imaginative composition.”   In 2005, Haskins won a Grammy award working with Dave Holland on the album, "Overtime," and stills plays lead trumpet with the group.