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Eight (8) Easy Short Walks and Hikes near Lake Placid and Wilmington (NY) that a three-year-old (3) could do!

Wilmington (NY) Cobble Lookout (Ledge) I was recently emailed about Adirondack (ADK) hikes to do with a three-year-old kid and wanted to share my suggestions with you! Keep in mind any of the suggestions below are good for people of all ages and abilities. Even if you used to climb the Adirondack High Peaks or still do, but just don't have the time. Enjoy! These are just 8 of the 33 easy short hikes available in my guidebook, Adirondack Family Time: Tri-Lakes and High Peaks: A four-Season Guide to Over 300 Activities (with GPS coordinates.) .  1) Wilmington Flume . There are a lot of new bike trails and walking trails all along and around. Be careful there is poison ivy along the trail somewhere. There are warnings posted. There are a variety of options that vary from about one-mile. The Flume is located off of Route 86, west side of bridge on Route 86 (past Hungry Trout Restaurant) 2)  Wilmington's Cobble  Lookout (Ledge): This trail is about a 1.4-mile RT hike.

The Cobble Lookout Trail: Easy Hikes near Whiteface MT, Wilmington (NY)

Cobble Lookout trail now has a new sign!  UPDATE: There is a new sign marking the trailhead! Cobble Lookout Elevation = 2,600' Vertical Ascent = 400' Distance -  0.75-mile I am all about the easy hike  for my visiting family, whether they have kids or not. I enjoy backpacking, camping and the more challenging hikes, but nothing is more beautiful than being able to get in an easy hike with a beautiful view and still have my evening free to enjoy another Adirondack (ADK) activity.  Wilmington (NY) Cobble Lookout Trail with views of The Adirondack High Peaks and Santa's Workshop, North Pole Recently while at Lake Stevens we managed to fit in a quick stroll to the top of nearby Cobble Lookout trail off Gillispie Dr (Franklin Falls Rd.). It’s a relatively new trail.  So new, in fact, that at the time of our climb a few weeks ago, a trailhead sign wasn’t part of the program. (I was told to relax and enjoy the mystery and intrigue.)  Wilmington (NY) Co

Fishing in the Adirondack (ADK) High Peaks with Kids: Wilmington's (NY) Lake Stevens

by Diane Chase Recently my husband has started adding a fishing pole to our “must have” gear we leave in the car. The pole and tackle box now sit along side our water shoes, hiking boots, and towels. His logic makes sense.  We are usually finishing a hike or going on some Adirondack adventure that culminates with a watery stop. With 3,000 lakes and ponds at our disposal within the Adirondack Park’s 6-million acres, it is a nice option to always be able to cast a line. A nice place for children to be able to try out fishing is Lake Stevens in Wilmington. Located at the Whiteface Memorial Highway Tollhouse, this small dammed lake is stocked with trout and designated just for children and anyone with limited mobility. In the Adirondacks children under the age of sixteen are not required to have a fishing license. This small lake is also handicap accessible. Lake Stevens is named for J. Hubert Stevens, the 1932 Olympic gold medal winner in the Two-Man bobsled competition. La

Easy Short Adirondack (ADK) Hikes: Catamount (Franklin Falls) Lake Placid/Wilmington NY

Distance : 1.8 miles Elevation : 3,169' Vertical Ascent : 1,542' Catamount is a wonderful Adirondack family hike that takes children and families to a new level, behind easier hikes perhaps encountered previously. T his is a 1.8 mile hike (one way) is not for the meek though it begins as a flat wooded path for the first 0.5 mile before becoming steadily more steep. Follow the yellow painted slash marks through this private easement.  At about 0.5 mile  the trail bears right and begins to climb. Look for a small stream at 0.8 mi. and then the hike begins gaining in elevation and continues a mostly steep climb to the base of a narrow rock chimney at 1.5 miles.  

Easy Short Lake Placid Hikes: Monument Falls in Wilmington (NY)

Commonly referred to as Monument Falls, this quick trip to a shallow waterfall is worth the stop between Lake Placid and Wilmington.  The two tablets  commemorate the 100th and 50th anniversaries of the establishment of the Forest Preserve in 1885. This a popular fishing spot so in season, please be prepared to share space with anglers.    There is a small path along the AuSable River that leads from the parking area to Monument Falls.  There are plenty of flat rocks to sit upon and to explore. 

Easy Short Lake Placid Hikes: Adirondacks Wilmington Flume Trail System

The Flume Trail System is about eight miles of trails open to mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. The Flume parking lot is about 2 miles south from the town of Wilmington on Route 86 on the opposite side of the Ausable River from the Hungry Trout Restaurant. The majority of the trails are free and open to the public. This trail network does connect to Whiteface Ski Area, which does require a ticket. Curses on that rain that wreaked havoc on the snow. I optimistically pack snowshoes hoping that the woods will still hold some of the white stuff. The children grab their own backpacks and fill each with the essentials. Flashlights, space blankets, first aid kits and gators are pulled from our winter kits. Then the games, stuffed animals and hardcover novels start being tucked around the sides. I remind them that we are just going for a bit of a walk, not winter camping. Once they realize they will be carrying their own packs, items start flying out faster tha