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Saranac Lake Community Store CFL Give Away

Paul Smith's College students will be giving away CFL light bulbs on March 3rd 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. so go check out The Community Store and see what else is being offered.

Native American Storytellers/Musicians Joseph and Jesse Bruchac Come to Paul Smith’s VIC

By Diane Chase The first and only time we have seen author Joseph Bruchac and his musician son Jesse perform was at the Old Forge Adirondack Storytelling Festival at the McCauley Mountain Chalet. It was a riveting mix of music and Native American storytelling. My children have checked out plenty of Bruchac books from the school library and a few more line our shelves at home. Joseph (Joe) Bruchac has written over 70 books for children and adults as well as poetry, short stories, music and anthologies. The theme throughout is his strong tie to his Abenaki culture.

Adirondack Family Activity: Paul Smith’s College Retail Bakery

By Diane Chase Paul Smith's Retail Bakery Themes March 23  = Princess Day March 30 =  Chocolate April 6 = Cupcakes April 13 = Springfever April 18 = Easter (open two days for Easter) April 20 =Easter (open two days for Easter) April 27 = Daffest I have never managed to get to the Paul Smith’s College Retail Bakery when it is open. I have certainly managed to get to the shop when it is closed, peered into the window looking at the empty bakery shelves thinking if I had only remembered a few hours earlier. I am told the prices are more than reasonable and the 2 nd  year bakery students use this opportunity to showcase the skills they’ve learned toward earning their Associated Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts.

Adirondack Shakespeare in the Park

Free Shakespeare in the Adirondack Park is on the road for its second year presenting live performances in various outdoor venues throughout the Park. For those in the Tri-Lakes it will all start tomorrow at White Pines Camp in Paul Smiths. The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake is bringing this performance to 20 towns within the Blue Line so don’t fret, there is plenty of opportunity to see this version of “Twelfth Night.” Last year’s performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” was a 45-minute romp within an Adirondack setting, lumberjacks and even a back-flipping Robin Goodfellow in snowshoes. This year’s play of mistaken identities will take us to a 1950s lakeside camp where Viola will find her way ashore during a 4th of July celebration. Believing her twin brother, Sebastian, did not survive the storm Viola dresses like a boy and all sorts of hijinks commence. This shortened version is a mixture of professional and amateur actors. The 7:00 p.m. performa

Paddle on Osgood Pond

My husband and I are alone. My daughter is worried as she goes off to a play date that we will be lonely. We are soon in the middle of a pond, completely alone. There are no young voices yelling to see a cobweb, bug, rock, or floating stick. There are never long moments of silence. The dynamic children bring to any activity can fill the air and allow one to see things differently. The enthusiasm for the simplest of things is refreshing. That said, they also have the ability to vacuum the positive energy right out of a given situation with life altering decisions like they no longer like bread while dramatically claiming starvation at the same time they wave a sandwich overhead. Another way is when is when they have to go to the bathroom only after being life-jacketed and paddling in the middle of a lake no matter how many times they are asked before to take care of business. It happens and we survive but during all that I am not always tuned into the hermit thrush’s call. I