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Learn About Group Solar Discounts at Solarize the Tri-Lakes

There are people in the Adirondacks that live off-grid. There is a misconception that those people are living a radical life of self-imposed hardship. Though certainly there are people that want to live a rustic life, going solar doesn't have to mean giving up the amenities. I like my electricity and the gadgets it powers up. I'd go so far as say I love electricity and the ability to turn on lights, use this computer and watch a television show. I also love the idea that I have the opportunity to harness my energy from the very sun that is drying my clothes right now. The issue for me has always been money and the fact that our old house is a drafty bit of business. A kick-off program called " Solarize the Tri-Lakes" is being initiated tonight, June 4,  in Saranac Lake at the Saranac Lake High School. The 6:30- 8 pm event is free and open to the public. The concept is simple, to bring people together in hopes that a solar network can be created. Shared solar se