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"Romeo and Juliet" Launches Adirondack Shakespeare Company Spring Season

This spring the Adirondack Shakespeare Company is launching its first Adirondack spring tour with the tragedy Romeo and Juliet . The play will open at North Creek's Tannery Pond Community Center for one night only. This professional theatre troupe will be hosting shows from Saratoga Springs to Upper Jay, NY. According to ADK Shakes Artistic Director  Tara Bradway  the company has been producing its summer festival season in the Adirondacks since 2010 and an autumn season since 2013. Now they are expanding their Adirondack season to bring Shakespeare in springtime as well.  "We did a spring season in the past but it was always based in New York City," says Bradway. "Now we've been here [Adirondack] full time for the past year. We feel there is a demand for  'off-season' programming. We wanted to transplant that spring season from New York City to the Adirondacks."  "We chose these plays because the tragedy and comedy are so nicely balan

Glens Falls: Ed Asner to star in FDR at the Wood Theatre

FDR starring Ed Asner Tuesday, Apr 10, 2012 · 7:30pm at the Charles Wood Theatre, Glens Falls Back by popular demand after 2010's SOLD OUT performance!  Based upon Dore Schary’s broadway hit “Sunrise at Campobello,” which ran 70 weeks on Broadway, FDR explores the life of one of America’s best-loved presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt,  and the events and decisions that shaped a nation. This powerful one-man play, starring Ed Asner, follows the iconic president as he reflects on his years in office, from inauguration to the trials of World War II. 

Adirondack Family Fun: Adirondack Movie Theaters

By Diane Chase One thing we like to do is to enjoy a small intimate theatre experience. Not just live theatre, though that plays (no pun intended) a prominent role in our lives. No, it’s escaping for a few hours and going to “The Movies.” At one time many towns in the Adirondacks had their own movie houses. Sadly most have made way for the multiplex. Some theatres have retained their original architecture so the movie is not always the only thing to observe. Take a moment and enjoy a small slice of history. Each theatre offers a unique experience that a larger cineplex may not. These theatres are independently owned and operated and can offer a less expensive ticket price. 

Adirondack Theatre: Pendragon Theatre takes To Kill a Mockingbird on the Road

Pendragon Theatre in Saranac Lake, the Adirondacks only year-round professional theatre is taking its production of "To Kill A Mockingbird" on the road.