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A Short History of Lake Pleasant, Adirondacks

This video is about a small town located in Hamilton County, in the Southern Adirondacks, in the State of New York, in the United States of America. Narrated by Lake Pleasant Town Historian,"Anne Weaver", and Speculator Village Historian, "Bev Hoffman". All Pictures are provided by the Historical Society of Lake Pleasant and Speculator. This video was created for the opening of Lake Pleasant's Bicentennial, which was the year 2012. 

Adirondack Irish Road Bowling

Irish Road Bowling takes place on a country road, but beware the road is not usually blocked off to traffic.  Speculator, NY and Indian Lake are just two places that enjoy this St. Patrick's Day tradition!  Irish road bowling has been played in the Irish countryside since the 1600s.  Using a 28-oz iron or steel ball, called a bowl, or bullet is chucked down a country road to the finish. The player or team with the fewest shots at the finish line wins. The "course" can up to two miles long.

Adirondack Ski Mountain Ski Swaps

By Diane Chase, from my weekly Adirondack Almanack post Being an active family, my kids seems to outgrown their sporting gear before I’ve finished tying up the laces. For other parents looking to outfit their children for the winter ski season, a ski swap is a nice starting place. A ski swap can also be a much-needed opportunity to clean house Generally the ski swaps are consignments where you drop off your gear, helmets, and winter clothing a day before the event. If the gear sells then you will receive 80% of the set sale price. Usually the funds generated benefit a special organization like ski clubs or ski patrols so the 20% commission goes to support the sport. It is best to ask what each ski swap's arrangement is, as it varies with location. Keep in mind no “collector’s items” like wooden skis and only clothing in good condition.   Lake Placid: November 5, 9:00 a.m. – noon In Lake Placid, the   Lake Placid Ski Club/NYSEF Ski Swap   is asking for any winter gear from