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Craft: Making a Recycled Paper Corner Bookmark Tutorial and Print-out

Looking for a rainy day activity  or have you lost your favorite bookmark? Don't dog-ear those pages, make a quick corner bookmark out of recycled materials. Enjoy reading your favorite books! Directions (print-out tutorial at bottom of page) 1) Cut out a 6" or 7" square piece of paper or use the tutorial print-out to the left. We have used old maps, children's artwork, candy wrappers, and catalogs as material for bookmarks. 2) fold in half diagonally: bring corner 4 to corner 1, fold along corners 2 and 3 to form a triangle pointing up. 3) Fold corner 2 to meet corner 1 and fold corner 3 to meet corner 1, crease along folds 4) turn the diamond 180º so flaps face down.  (See diagram) 5) Gentle open the flaps 6) in the center there will be folded lines forming a square. Fold the top layer Corner 1 up. 7) Refold corners 2 and 3 down to form the diamond shape. 8) Fold the top layer of Corners 2 and 3 to Corner 1. Crease at line 7. 9) Fold Fl