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Pendragon Theatre presents New Directions

Each March Pendragon Theatre offers to the public something new whether introducing a new director, play or original work.  For me this opportunity highlights the importance of live theatre. When seeing a movie the audience misses all that goes into the making of the film and can only catch a glimpse when the credits role with job descriptions that most of the time have little meaning.  Theatre gives us the chance to see a collaborative effort where special effects are not computer generated.   Pendragon Theatre, Saranac Lake, is presenting its annual New Directions Series  Friday, March 22 nd  at 7 pm and Saturday, March 23 rd  at 2 pm and 7 pm. General Admission tickets are $5.


Adirondack Shakespeare Theatre will celebrate its second season with four productions and a full schedule of events with performances of the comedy "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). A full season pass can be purchased for only $30, which includes all performances to "A Mid Summer's Night Dream and Merchant of Venice as the well as Adirondack Shakespeare's original productions by  Sean Adams,   Theseus and the Minotaur , which features an adapted version of   A Midsummer Night’s Dream .   The season will open July 3  with FREE performances at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m at Shepard's Park in Lake George. Also check back for a FREE children's performance at Lake Placid's Mid Park July 23 and August 3.  Adirondack Shakespeare Theatre Schedule of Events

Adirondack Theatre: Off to see the Wizard!

Once again Pendragon Theatre has been able to breathe new magic in an old classic. For those expecting a theatrical version of the movie, this production of The Wizard of Oz is a wonderful surprise. The simple set is cloaked in darkness, allowing the vibrant costumes to pop out from the black walls. The focus is on the actors. There are still plenty of quests for a heart, a brain and some courage and least I forget, the best-loved message that there really is, “no place like home.” That still holds all the power with a simple click of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. I ask my children how they like the “black box” theme. My son has no idea what I’m talking about. I remind him that the theatre walls were painted black, the stage had a minimal of props and the cast used very simple techniques to get the action and story across. It is like I’m talking to a wall. Did we see the same production? He is not concerned about the black box. He is more curious about the switching of costumes, the lig

A Cat, Pirates and Puddings?

What is it about a pirate that can cause children and adults alike to relish a good fight? You would think with all the corporate pirating going on, we would have gotten our fill. That statement would be met with a resounding no. This holiday season the Pendragon Theatre serves its holiday goodies in the form of pirates, sword fights, a mermaid and the saving of a Christmas pudding. For all those that ponder the lyrics to “We wish you a Merry Christmas” but never quite understand why someone would eat a figgy pudding let alone threaten to be the guest that won’t leave, the pudding is once again thrust into the limelight. This cake-like dessert is the cause of much a ruckus at the Pendragon Theatre. This musical, “Christmas Cat and the Pudding Pirates” was writing by the British children’s performer Christopher Lillicrap and his wife Jeanette Ranger thus the pudding and other strictly British references. Clever and imaginative the Pendragon actors interact with the audience by enlisti