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Benefits for Tropical Storm Irene Victims Around the Adirondacks

All sorts of businesses have stepped up to help those in need. Don't worry if you can't attend an event. You can donate online for the Keene/Keene Valley Recover Fund  or mail a check for the Jay/AuSable Flood Recover Fund   b y sending a check or money order with the notation “UJFR” to:  Town of Jay Irene Relief Fund – P.O. Box 730 – Ausable Forks, NY 12912 Today in Lake Placid, September 14, 2011 at 5:30 p.m.  This event is open to the public with a $10 donation suggested. The Whiteface Lodge will be hosting The Hurricane Irene Benefit with Silent Auction, Below are just a few of the Silent Auction Items: -Tivoli Lodge- 3 Nights Stay -The Sky Lodge- 2 Nights Stay with 2 Signautre Massages -Msoaic Hotel- 2 Nights Stay -Lake Placid Pub & Brewery $100.00 Gift Certificate

Be a Nature Detective: Alpaca vs. Llama

By Diane Chase What is the difference between an alpaca and llama? Well, there are quite few. Though alpaca and llama are related (they're kissing cousins) the llama can weigh up to 3 times that of an alpaca. Alpaca and llama come from  Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. Since they are a hardy breed many people in the Adirondacks breed them for a variety of purposes.  Alpaca are more timid while the llama are brave Llama are used more extensively as pack animals You may see alpaca and llama in the same field because the l lama will protect the alpaca . Llama serve as herd guards. Llama's have a course fleece while alpaca's fleece is soft, fine and seen as hypoallergenic . Alpaca have been domesticated and breed for their fleece for thousands of years. Llama has ears that are shaped like bananas while the alpaca's ears are smaller and The two breeds can be interbreed but there is no purpose as the offspring would not be as strong as the llama or have as lux