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Challenge Accepted! Saranac Lake 6er: Adirondack Hikes: Ampersand, Baker, Scarface, St. Regis, Haystack, McKenzie

#280 Saranac Lake 6er on the summit of Haystack, after summiting McKenzie. #MountainMonday Challenge Accepted!  Saranac Lake 6er  View from Scarface- Saranac Lake 6er I’m slowly working on becoming an High Peaks 46er. I’m a 25er, though I admire all my friends that have climbed all 46 Adirondack peaks over 4,000’ including my husband, my in-laws and my daughter’s “fairy godmother."  I tend to go back to climb the peaks I enjoy like Wright, Algonquin and Marcy. I realize there are many different ways to appreciate the outdoors and one is to embrace the challenge of climbing the peaks.  Summit of Ampersand, a Saranac Lake 6er The Saranac Lake 6er program provides a different sort of test. The Village of Saranac Lake initiated the program to introduce people to the area’s lesser-known peaks. I was surprised when my daughter came home interested in becoming a 6er. My family have climbed the six peaks (St. Regis, Baker Mt, Scarface, McKenzie,

Easy Short Adirondack Hikes: Mount Baker in Saranac Lake

Adirondack Family Activities™: By Diane Chase Mount Baker (Baker Mountain) Saranac Lake, New York Distance:  1.8 miles RT  Ascent:  884′  Elevation:  2452′  Mount Baker is a relatively short climb (1.8-miles round trip) and perfect for our first mother-daughter hike. She is constantly talking to herself as I sign the registry, a running commentary, gathering and lining up all her imaginary friends. We have quite a gang climbing with us, though only two of us are visible to any passersby.