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Backyard Birdfeeder Watch November - April

Project Feeder Watch is a winter-long bird feeder watch program involving nature centers, individuals, backyards and other organizations. Join in the fun and help  Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Bird Studies Canada track bird movements. Scientists relay on people of all skill levels to participate to help them track data of winter bird populations and long-term trends.     There is a fee involved ($18/nonmembers, $15/members) Kits are shipped between October and February. The current season is  November 14, 2015  through April 8, 2016 New project participants  receive a bird-identification poster, bird-feeding information, and instructional materials.   New and renewing participants  receive a calendar, a tally sheet, and paper forms.  Just count the birds that come to your feeder. You report only the highest number of each species you see in view at one time.  This is a fun winter projects for all families. It brings nature to your window, strengthens observat