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Strangers On A Bridge – Cold War Attorney James Donovan’s Granddaughter Reflects on His Legacy

Strangers on A Bridge by James B. Donovan “I decided to keep a diary on the case…on what would appear to be my most challenging assignment of law since the Nuremberg Trials.”   ~ James B. Donovan, Strangers on a Bridge : The Case of Colonel Abel   Nowadays one would be hard pressed to find someone who has not heard of the historic role of Cold War attorney James Donovan , the subject of the Steven Spielberg’s six-time Oscar nominated film, Bridge of Spies . One Google search, a subscription to Time , The Wall Street Journal,   The New York Times or any other newsfeed provides enough information to fill a term paper or at the very least a few paragraphs of this post.  Donovan’s granddaughter Beth Amorosi recalls when that wasn’t always the situation.  An untimely death in 1970 of a heart attack at the age of 53 pushed her grandfather’s legacy to the bottom of the history pages, into the footnotes.  “Over the years my family was somewhat actively trying to revitali

DEC and Long Lake Move Snowmobilers From Canoe Carry to New Route Between Raquette Lake and Forked Lake

A new route outlines snowmobile travel between Outlet Bay and North Pt Rd between Maquette Lake and Forked Lake  The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced that snowmobiles can no longer travel on the Raquette Lake Canoe Carry trail  between Outlet Bay of Raquette Lake and North Point Road,  which is on a private driveway and private road. The DEC only has a deeded right away for non-motorized public use.  Any snowmobilers traveling between Raquette Lake and Forked Lake in the Sargent Ponds Wild Forest must use the new designated snowmobile trail  (see map) between Outlet Bay and the North Point Road located 1.2 miles west of the Raquette Lake Canoe Carry and 1.6 miles of North Point Road between the designated snowmobile trail and the Forked Lake Canoe Carry Road. The new trail is marked with red markers and directional signs.  The Forked Lake Canoe Carry Road between North Point Road and Forked Lake remains open to snowmobiles.

Adirondack Ice Bowl Pond Hockey: Inlet's Winter Escapades

The Adirondack Ice Bowl near The Woods Inn, Inlet My family and I’ve played some rousing games of pond hockey. Since none of us have ever played on a team, we are a bit lackadaisical with the rules. Camaraderie ties with competition every time.  That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to the Adirondack Ice Bowl in Inlet. Camaraderie is what pulls people back the shores of Fourth Lake every year, but it’s the fun competition that keep people in the game.  Adirondack Ice Bowl: January 29-30, 2016 at The Woods Inn, Inlet The Adirondack Ice headquarters is located at the historic Woods Inn where spectators and competitors can warmup in a variety of ways from Sky Box viewing to a lakeside pavilion. The two-day event (with Sunday held in reserve for inclement weather) starts today, Thursday, January 28 with registration at the  Screamen Eagle  and a captain’s meeting.

Ice Skating Lake Placid’s Mirror Lake Ice Track Loop

My family tries to attend Ottawa’s Wi nterlude , which starts this weekend January 29-February 15, 2016, each year to skate on the canal.  From end to end the whole maintained portion is about 5.0-miles. We’ve rented sleighs, stopped for picnics, and enjoyed hot chocolate at one of the stands. Now Lake Placid has a smaller version of the Rideau Canal, with less fuss.  I’ve skated various segments of the 2-mile weaving path over a frozen Mirror Lake a few times now and with each opportunity I see people utilizing the ice track differently. Two young hockey players passing the puck to each other the length of the track, certainly put me to shame. A dog the size of a small stuffed animal pulled another woman around. Other people have walked around the lake without skates, sticking to the unplowed edge. I love how it isn’t for just one purpose. Everyone has managed to make the place another way to interact with winter sports.