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Parenting Tips: Fear of the Automatic Flush Toilet

Laugh all you want until your child/niece/nephew or friend takes a leap off the toilet when the automatic flush goes off. The tears and clean-up that ensue can be easily handled by just placing your hand over the sensor until business is taken care of. Another tip, unless you have really long arms, pull off the paper first so you don't have to become a contortionist.

Adirondack Museum: Alice T Miner Museum

Assistant to the Curator Stephanie Pfaff leads us on a whirlwind tour of the Miner family in Chazy. It is astounding how one family could shape a community. She touches on some of the basics like Heart’s Delight Farm as an experiment in modern farming, starting a K-12 school that became the 1st centralized school, building a hospital, church and the Alice T Miner Museum. The unusual part of the museum is that Alice Miner had the museum specifically built to replicate a house to highlight how people lived in the mid 1800s. Her directive was to showcase American history. This isn’t a renovated building altered to fit the museum’s vision but a specific example to allow visitors a glimpse into the Colonial Revival time period. We are shown the downstairs sitting and formal rooms. The children are asked to identify various articles from the collection and play three guesses. For the first item my son guesses a spoon warmer correctly. His recent fondness for soup has him rethinking our tab