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Battle of Plattsburgh Schedule of Events and History

In History: The Battle of Plattsburgh, (September 11, 1814) 15,000 British soldiers invaded New York from Canada supported by the Royal Navy on Lake Champlain. The purpose was to reach New York City and split the nation in half. With only 1,500 men led by General Macomb (32) and a small flotilla commanded by Commodore Macdonough (30) the two armies fought valiantly in the village of Plattsburgh. The Americans were overwhelmed and outnumbered but a lack of wind gave them the advantage to overtake the British fleet. The ground troops were withdrawn after the defeat of the British ships. It was an unexpected victory but with a great loss of life. The American victory scuppered the British plans to control Lake Champlain which is said to have a direct effect of the signing of the Treaty of Ghent ending the War of 1812.