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A Cat, Pirates and Puddings?

What is it about a pirate that can cause children and adults alike to relish a good fight? You would think with all the corporate pirating going on, we would have gotten our fill. That statement would be met with a resounding no. This holiday season the Pendragon Theatre serves its holiday goodies in the form of pirates, sword fights, a mermaid and the saving of a Christmas pudding. For all those that ponder the lyrics to “We wish you a Merry Christmas” but never quite understand why someone would eat a figgy pudding let alone threaten to be the guest that won’t leave, the pudding is once again thrust into the limelight. This cake-like dessert is the cause of much a ruckus at the Pendragon Theatre. This musical, “Christmas Cat and the Pudding Pirates” was writing by the British children’s performer Christopher Lillicrap and his wife Jeanette Ranger thus the pudding and other strictly British references. Clever and imaginative the Pendragon actors interact with the audience by enlisti