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Adirondack Opera: Seagle Music Colony

By Diane Chase Jack and the Beanstalk may be considered a children’s story but the undertones of the Seagle Music Colony’s operatic rendition leaves anyone with an appreciation for music with his/her own interpretation. The giant does get his in the end, but it is not the end one is expecting. For adults there is the rich performance of the four gifted students and children listen in awe to a magical story. The bonus is being able to meet the fairytale characters, come-to-life, after the show. Read More

Adirondack Pictures: Rainbows!

Rain in the distance. The weather is so crazy, rain one moment and sun the next. My daughter and I played stormchaser for a bit until I deemed it dangerous. I am not a good example of watching the road and focusing on the clouds and the colors in the sky. We pulled over and just sat back and watched until two different rainbows faded into the sky. Rainbows!