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Glens Falls: Ed Asner to star in FDR at the Wood Theatre

FDR starring Ed Asner Tuesday, Apr 10, 2012 · 7:30pm at the Charles Wood Theatre, Glens Falls Back by popular demand after 2010's SOLD OUT performance!  Based upon Dore Schary’s broadway hit “Sunrise at Campobello,” which ran 70 weeks on Broadway, FDR explores the life of one of America’s best-loved presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt,  and the events and decisions that shaped a nation. This powerful one-man play, starring Ed Asner, follows the iconic president as he reflects on his years in office, from inauguration to the trials of World War II. 


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Be A Nature Detective: What Tree has Camouflage Bark?

The American sycamore! This massive tree is often mistaken for a maple because of its leaves.  It is unique amongst all trees because of its bark pattern. Are there other names for the sycamore tree? It is also called an American planetree, buttonwood or the buttonball tree. Where does it grow? This hardy tree likes wet soil. It can be found growing in every state east of the Great Plains, except Minnesota. How big will it get? It can grow up to 90' tall. t is also North America's largest native broadleaf plant.