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Ideas to Get Children Involved in Volunteering

There are also plenty of opportunities to help those in need.  So during this Thanksgiving season, spend a few moments while filling yourself with turkey and the works and clean our your own cupboard .  I know I have quite a few things in there that I will never eat. Perhaps it is time to donate my few impulse buys to people that will actual use them.  If you children have toys in good shape or a coat they've grown out of, get kids involved. Have them look through their own belongings for items they have out grown but are willing to gift to others.  When I go grocery shopping, I give my children $1 so they can choose an item to put in the food pantry box at the front of the store.  Sometimes stores have a 10/$10 sale so the item costs less than a cup of coffee.  Every $1 helps.  I don't hunt. I did not grow up hunting and I don't even eat meat. That said, there are plenty of other people that do. (Thanks to Leo Roth at Democrat and Chronicle for this tip.