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Make Your Own Pizza Pockets (and freeze them, too)

Well this isn't my usual thing but I wonder how other parents and families are sustaining through these tough times while still maintaining a positive outlook. I remember growing up with tasks to do and helping my grandmother cook. It didn't feel like work because she made it fun and helped us complete our goals with a sense of purpose and joy. That said I thought I need to purposefully and joyfully stock the freezer with some quick meals. My children go through these as if they were starving. Here is a homemade version of the pizza pocket. There are many variations of pizza out there. I used to work in a pizzeria, one of many jobs while putting myself through school, and for years couldn't abide the smell or taste of pizza. Having children has helped overcome that aversion. This recipe is my own and is an easy thing to do with kids. My children love to help. Eat well, live well, love well! pizza dough ~dissolve 1 package dried yeast (about 2 1/4 tsp) into ~1 cup warm wat