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Rain or Shine it’s Carnival Time

My children are not quite of an age where I can hand them a few bills and send them off for a few hours. Thankfully most of us are eased into parenthood so these changes are gradual. I am always so grateful to find places for them to gain some independence but still be able to find me if necessary. I have never attended the Lake Placid Elementary School annual spring carnival and silent auction, but it seems the perfect place for the whole family to spread their wings, games for all and a silent auction for me. A long-standing tradition, the carnival is a fundraiser for FRIENDS (an acronym for Friends Really Interested in the Educational Needs and Development of Students), which raises money to provide funds for field trips, supplies and other student needs. Taking place this Saturday, June 7, from 10:00am-2:00pm, the carnival will host a mixture of games, activities and events. There is no fee to get in but some events range in price from .25-$2.50. Just a few activities to look forwa