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Pendragon Theatre presents James and the Giant Peach: A Spectacular Romp for All Ages

Where: Pendragon Theatre, 15 Brandybrook Rd, Saranac Lake Admission: Kids over 18/$15, Kids (8-18)/ $10, Kids under 8/FREE When: July 16,18,20,25,26,27,29 at 2 pm (Saranac Lake) Magical things are happening at Camp Pendragon Theatre ! Wonderful, mystical things that will pull you right into a fun-filled world where insects talk, peaches are houses, and evil aunties get their just rewards in the end. This year's production of Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach had us laughing and clapping, and wanting to be adopted by a spider, a grasshopper, and a ladybug. I'll admit that I've only read Roald Dahl's book, James and the Giant Peach . I've never seen the movie or the musical. How does one make a giant peach with human-sized insects come alive on stage and be funny, warm and loving? Come see this year's performance of Camp Pendragon Theatre's Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach and you'll find out. Director Matthew Sorensen share

New York State Fairs 2017 (Adirondack County Fairs)

Cotton candy and candy apples. It is all just part of the fun in attending one of the many state and New York State county fairs. Don't forget to check out the livestock and farm competitions. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect children with local growers. If you are not growing your own food, see all the work that goes into the process. Below is a partial listing of state fairs, country fairs, and 4-H/youth fairs and carnivals  in Adirondacks and  New York State Have fun! July 6 - 10 Cortland County Youth Fair July 8 - 11 Madison County Fair July 8 - 11 Cayuga County Fair July 11-15       Yates County Fair July 11-16       Jefferson County Fair July 19-22       Seneca County Fair July 17-22       Allegany County Fair July 18-23        Saratoga County Fair July 18-22        Hemlock Fair (pay one price) July 18-22         Lewis County Fair July 17-22  

Easy Adirondack Hikes: Glory on the summit of Coney Mountain (Tupper Lake Triad)

Summit of Coney Mt, Tupper Lake Our latest family challenge is to complete the Tupper Lake(TL) Triad . We have hiked Coney Mountain, Goodman Mountain and Mt Arab in the past, but in order to receive a climbing number, badge and decal ($5) we need to climb all three mountains after the Triad Challenge December 2015 opening date. Coney Mountain has always been a family favorite, especially when we lived closer to Tupper Lake. It’s been a few years since my daughter has hiked Coney. So many years in fact, there is a different trail leading to the summit. There is a designated parking area, but we choose to join the few roadside cars and park along Rt. 30. We walk up the gravel path to the register and meet a group signing out. They enthusiastically share their experience of walking along the open crest. The trail is a gradual climb with a 548’ vertical ascent and elevation of 2,280’. We easily follow the blue trail markers leading us in a semi-circle from west to north to