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History of Labor Day

Labor Day Celebration New York City, 1882 Each Labor Day, it is necessary to go beyond the barbecues, vacation spots, and Back To School Sales. It is time to reflect on the history of Labor Day and how it came to be. The holiday was conceived to celebrate the American labor movement with all its strength, contributions, and prosperity to the wellness of the United States of America. Fact: Labor Day is celebrated the first Monday of September. Who founded Labor Day? That is up to debate, but has been attributed to these two men:  Peter J. McGuire , general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and a co-founder of the American Federation of Labor or machinist  Matthew Maguire ,  proposed the holiday in 1882 while serving as secretary of the Central Labor Union in New York. Maguire  later the secretary of Local 344 of the International Association of Machinists in Paterson, N.J. How was Labor Day to be Celebrated? The first proposal of the holiday was a stree

What is the difference between the Old and New Wind Chill Formulas?

National Weather Service Windchill Chart Weather channels and news organizations are still making reference to the "old" wind chill formulas. Wind Chill describes the rate of heat loss on the human body resulting from the combined effect of low temperature and wind. As wind increases the internal body temperature is driven down at a faster fast, quickly reducing the exterior and interior body temperatures.   The "old" wind chill formula was first instilled in the 1940s and based on the research from Antarctic explorers Siple and Passel. The Siple and Passell formula was implemented through a series of observations on freeze times of plastic cylinders filled with water and placed in differing temperatures and wind speeds.  This old system did not take in consideration that the human body produces its own heat, unlike the plastic containers. In addition, weather stations measure wind speed, the basis for the WCT index , at a height of 33 feet where it is oft

Be A Nature Detective: Robin Red Breast First Sign of Spring

By Diane Chase Honestly, my children think the first sign of an Adirondack spring is the Michigan hotdog guy that places his cart at the intersection of Route 86/30 in Paul Smiths. That fellow is sometimes out there waiting for Paul Smith College students even in weather that Mother Nature's first sign of spring, the Robin Red Breast , finds daunting.

June 14 is Flag Day

United States of America Flag Facts 1) On June 14,1777 the US  Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the national flag 2) 1912:  President William Taft issued an executive order dictating the proportions for the flag and placement of the stars. Before that it was left up to the flag maker. 3) 1916: President Woodrow Wilson issued the proclamation establishing June 14 as Flag Day, though it is not a federal holiday many states do celebrate it as a state holiday. 4)  Betsy Ross, credited with sewing the nation’s first flag, was an upholsterer not a seamstress  5)  The U.S. flag has been changed 27 times since 1777. The 50-star flag used today was created in July 4, 1960 when Hawaii became the 50th state. That version has been used the longest.  6) 1949: President Harry Truman signed into law June 14 as national Flag Day. © Diane Chase, author of Adirondack Family Activities™ guidebook series.   Adirondack Family Time: Tri-Lakes and High Peaks (Your Four-Season Guide

September is Head Lice Prevention Month

By Diane Chase G ood grief. Finding out that September is Head Lice Prevention Month was not the welcome message I expected from my inbox this morning.   The picture above is not an animation of some upcoming Hollywood blockbuster but t wo lice viewed under an electron microscope. Note the claws used to grasp onto individual hairs.   Photo Credit: Center of Disease Control (CDC).

Adirondack for Kids: Be A Nature Detective Cricket vs. Grasshopper

By Diane Chase My children can spend hours scouring the countryside for grasshoppers... or are they crickets? Well, it would depend on what time of the day it is. Here are just a few quick facts to help tell the difference.

Adirondack for Kids: Be A Nature Detective Bald Eagles!

Bald Eagles can be seen in the Adirondacks, Alaska, and every state but Hawaii. If you take your kids out in the Adirondacks and see a bald eagle, please remind your kids not to interfere, just observe! If you are out on a walk or hike near a Adirondack pond or lake, you may just come across a bald eagle. Below are some fun facts to share!

Lake Placid for Kids: Fun Facts for hiking Mt Jo

By Diane Chase Adirondack Family Time Fun Facts: • Mt Jo was originally named “The Bear” • It was renamed Mt. Jo in 1877 to honor Josephine Schofield, fiancée of Henry Van Hoevenberg. • Josephine Schofield helped choose the site for the Loj but died within the year, never living long enough to see their plans built • Van Hoevenberg bought 640 acres and Mt Jo as a memorial to his fiancée • Henry Van Hoevenberg built the original Adirondack Loj and some of the trails to the surrounding High Peaks. • Mt Jo’s elevation is 2,876 ft with an ascent of 700’. • Heart Lake was originally named Clear Pond. • At the time Adirondack Lodge (now Loj) was built it was the largest log structure in the world. • Melville Dewey, of the Dewey Decimal System, was an advocate for simplified spelling and a member of the Lake Placid Club, one-time owners of the Adirondack Loj.

Hiking with kids: Adirondack Family Time Tips

Hiking with children does not have to be complicated. Below are a few tips to help you on your way. Check back as I am will be adding tricks as I learn them from my own children! Always remember the point is to have our children enjoy the outdoors. Learn from them and take our time. Sometimes the goal doesn't have to be getting to the top, its the journey along the way! Before you go! • Always check your gear before departing. • Dress in layers for the season. • Make sure you bring plenty of water for each person • Bring healthy snacks like GORP, granola bars, fresh or dried fruit • A first aid kit, flashlight and compass. • Be prepared to stop frequently. Autumn Hikes: • Bring rain gear no matter the weather. It can serve as a wind shield on top • Although trails are clearly marked, it is always best to carry a detailed map. • Hiking in late autumn can be tricky. Leaves can be wet and slippery and it is not unusual to experience small patches of ice. • Wear

Fun Facts: Animal

What is a group of mice called?

Fun Facts: New York State

What is the flower of New York? What is the tree of New York? What is the NYS bird? *Check the index under Answers for, well, the answers!

Fun Facts: Nature's Vitamin D

Did you know that with only 15 minutes a day you can get your required amount of Vitamin D ( by just being outside in the sunshine) With anything moderation is the key. Any more time than that do take protective measures with sunscreen otherwise go outside (and take your vitamin, too!)

Fun Facts: Banana

What is a bunch of bananas called? Check for the answer in the index under, well... Answers!