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Happy Pi (e) (314) Day!

To celebrate National Pi(e) Day  on March 14, make your favorite dessert or this quick refrigerator magnet! Materials: bottle cap tooth pick small beads (the color of your pie.. red for raspberry pie, blue for blueberry pie) clear drying glue small magnet no larger than the back of the bottle cap small pieces of tan felt   Instructions • Using the bottle cap as a pattern draw and cut out a circular piece of felt (to use as the bottom crust) • Glue the "bottom crust" into the bottle cap. • Pour a small bit of glue into the bottle cap lined with felt and pour a small amount of the beads on top. • Mix the glue and beads together using the tooth pick. • Continue to add more beads and glue until the bead/glue mixture is level with the top of the bottle cap • Cut small strips of felt and glue over the beads, mimicking the top of a pie. • Let dry • glue small magnet to back of bottle top and let dry Place on fridge! This makes a great party favor that is easy a

Picture Quote: Adirondack Country by William Chapman White

"As a man tramps the woods to the lake he knows he will find pines and lilies, blue herons and golden shiners, shadows on the rocks and the glint of light on the wavelets, just as they were in the summer of 1354, as they will be in 2054 and beyond. He can stand on a rock by the shore and be in a past he could not have known, in a future he will never see. He can be a part of time that was and time yet to come." ~ William Chapman White, Adirondack Country (page 264)

FREE Family Movie at the Whallonsburg Grange

ESSEX – The Champlain Valley Film Series will present the children’s movie  Wallace & Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures  this  Sunday, March 15 at 2:00 p.m.  at the Whallonsburg Grange Hall.  The movie will be the final one in their winter series of free family films. Winner of two Academy Awards, this film tells the story of Wallace, an inventor whose gadgets do not always go as planned, and his ever-faithful friend Gromit.     The film is free, and is made possible by Stewart's Holiday Match.   Refreshments will be available for purchase. The Whallonsburg Grange Hall is located at 1610 NYS Route 22 at Whallons Bay Road, five miles south of the Essex ferry. The Whallonsburg Grange Hall serves as a community gathering space for eastern Essex County, hosting musical and theatrical performances, lectures, forums, and workshops, as well as hall rentals for private events.  For more information about this event or the Hall, please contact Stephanie Beneng, office