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Know About Ticks and Lyme Disease

By Diane Chase I recently spent my Sunday in the Emergency Room due to a classic "target" shaped bite that showed up on my ankle after an Earth Day weekend of clearing trails and picking up roadside garbage near Westport, N.Y. Not only did I get to spend my leisure time with the ER staff but I, usually so diligent with tick searches, did everything wrong regarding my own health. So to save you a trip to the ER and a bothersome dose of antibiotics, here are some safety tips for tick prevention. I live in the northern sector of the Adirondack Park and did not take in consider that the above average warm temperatures in the southern Adirondacks would bring out ticks earlier than usual. I had dressed for the cold with dark pants and socks. I was on my knees clearing brush and digging out long forgotten garbage. I was careless and now have a 14-day round of antibiotics to show for it. By the time I noticed the classic bullseye tick bite indicator, I no longer had the tick to i

Hiking with kids: Adirondack Family Time Tips

Hiking with children does not have to be complicated. Below are a few tips to help you on your way. Check back as I am will be adding tricks as I learn them from my own children! Always remember the point is to have our children enjoy the outdoors. Learn from them and take our time. Sometimes the goal doesn't have to be getting to the top, its the journey along the way! Before you go! • Always check your gear before departing. • Dress in layers for the season. • Make sure you bring plenty of water for each person • Bring healthy snacks like GORP, granola bars, fresh or dried fruit • A first aid kit, flashlight and compass. • Be prepared to stop frequently. Autumn Hikes: • Bring rain gear no matter the weather. It can serve as a wind shield on top • Although trails are clearly marked, it is always best to carry a detailed map. • Hiking in late autumn can be tricky. Leaves can be wet and slippery and it is not unusual to experience small patches of ice. • Wear

Parenting Tips: Getting rid of the pacifer

My son was addicted to the pacifier, an addiction fed by his own parents. I thought if I just continued to throw "boks" into his bed he would just be able to eventually find one and go to sleep. His bed was littered with them. He couldn't roll over in the night without encountering one, which was the whole idea. The part I didn't foresee? That his attachment would grow. He soon needed three "boks" to sleep, one in his mouth and one for each hand. Before he turned three my husband and I decided that the pacifier had to go. We tried all sorts of recommendations from friends and family. With nothing working I finally just took a large needle and poked holes in the pacifier. Though it didn't seem to make a difference, I persisted. Tip: Take a large darning needle and work a few holes through the sides and top of the pacifier. After each use continue to widen the holes. The goal is that the child will suck on the pacifier and eventually the pacifier will flat

Parenting Tips: Fear of the Automatic Flush Toilet

Laugh all you want until your child/niece/nephew or friend takes a leap off the toilet when the automatic flush goes off. The tears and clean-up that ensue can be easily handled by just placing your hand over the sensor until business is taken care of. Another tip, unless you have really long arms, pull off the paper first so you don't have to become a contortionist.

Parenting Tips: School Projects and Clutter

Items needed: photo album, color printer, photo paper, digital camera In our household children and clutter go hand in hand. I do my best to keep ahead of the paperwork coming home but it can become overwhelming. On the same thought, children put a lot of work (and sometimes glitter) into their school projects. In the house it can create a mess and a build up of projects. I want to create an environment that acknowledges their creativity but also doesn't overrun the rest of us with egg cartons and shoe box dioramas. At the beginning of each school year I give my children an empty photo album just for school projects. We set a time limit that each project will be "on display" in our house. Our time limit is one week after the school presentation takes place. Of course if family is coming to visit then we will postpone so our children can demonstrate for the grandparents. We make a big deal when it is time to take the photos. Take as many angles as necessary and let the chi

Parenting Tips: homemade cookies all the time

Make a batch of your favorite cookies. Put the dough in a sealed container and keep in the refrigerator. Take out and make small batches. I like to bake a few in the toaster oven so the kids can have a warm cookie after playing outside. This way the dough is always available and I don't have to make a lot of cookies at once. * my favorite recipe comes from a local hotel!

Parenting Tips: Potty Training

Leave a potty seat in the car so that you always have a convenient place for your child to go. No more accidents. Yes, I understand if your child is a boy the "world is his oyster" but if not... the seat will do the trick.