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Nature Detective: What is this moss hanging from the tree? It is not Spanish Moss. It's Old Man's Beard (Usnea)

The pale green lichen in the  Usnea "ooze-ne-a"  f amily ,  also known as Old Man’s Beard, can easily be spied hanging in tree branches around the Adirondacks. I Its green lacy tuffs remind me of the Lorax and the Truffula trees and as Dr. Seuss says, "Truffula trees are what everyone needs."   Did you know? • lichens are not really plants but a blending of two separate organisms: fungus and algae. • It is commonly known as a tree moss or beard moss.  • It is sometimes confused with Spanish moss, which is not found in the Adirondacks. • Usnea was used a  respiratory antibiotic since 1600 B.C    • Important in ancient Greek and Chinese medicine • Has anti-microbial properties so can be directly applied to an open wound to stave off infection.  • Make a tea or tincture out of it to treat lung infections.  • Has been used to combat tuberculosis in studies. Identify •A white, stretchy, thin cord can be found when you pull the Old Man's Be

Craft: Make Your Own Tincture

Making your own alcohol extract is easy and will save you of money .   (For parents only) For example:  Usnea (Old Man's Beard) is an herbal remedy that has been used for centuries to help with immune related issues. With cold and flu season upon us, perhaps this is the year for you to check out Usnea's healthy properties, whether you make your own or buy it at your local health food store!