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Learning Roadside Signs

Did you know? There is not just one system! • The US Highway numbering system was established by the federal government in 1926. • Interstate Highway numbering system was established in 1956 by the Federal Aid High Way Act during the Eisenhower administration. • Regional roads are numbered under individual state and county systems How to tell where you are going! Interstate Highway signs North to South • Are marked with a blue and red "shield" shape • North-South routes are assigned odd numbers  i.e. look for Interstate 87 t hroughout the Adirondacks  or Interstate 95 traverses the east coast from the Canadian Border outside Houlton, Maine to the southern tip of Miami, Florida. • The numbers are lower in the west and increase from west to east. Interstate Highway signs from East to West • Are marked with a blue and red "shield" shap • East-West routes are assigned even numbers i.e. look for Interstate 90, which crosses USA from Boston, Massachuse