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Six (6) Adirondack Full Moon Snowshoe/XC Ski Events

UPDATED!  Recently my family went on an evening Owl Prowl with the Champlain Valley Areas Trails (CATS) . Now on January 30 at 7 pm, they will be conducting another  moonlight hike to explore the woods and experience winter under the evening sky. There is always something magical about getting outside and skiing under a bright Adirondack full moon. Though it is certainly easy enough to visit any trail with a headlamp and proper gear, it is sometimes the camaraderie of an organized event that pulls everything together. Most organized activiies are family-friendly, but if you are in need of night off from the kids then Cascade Ski Center’s Full Moon Skis are the place to be. (Look for more ski/snowshoe options in my Adirondack Family Time guidebooks.) Champlain Valley Areas Trails (CATS) . January 30: 7 pm   - free moonlight hike starting at the Angler Hill Rd trailhead to walk along the new Wildway Passage Trail in Westport. Concluding the snowshoe hike there will be a gath

A Winter Cross-Country Ski to St. Regis Pond

I’m not sure how it happened, but I didn’t get to ski as I much as I would have liked this winter. My snowshoes got plenty of use as did my Microspikes, but my skis have been completely neglected. To make up for lost time, we head for a quick ski along the Fish Pond trail to St. Regis Pond in Lake Clear. Accessing ponds and lakes in summer is sometimes a bit easier than finding a safe pullover to access the same trail in winter. With that in mind, we enter the trail just east of Kempton Rd on Route 30 in Lake Clear. As there is no dedicated parking on Rt. 30, we pull the car over, put on our gear and follow the ski tracks through the woods. We find that there is plenty of snow and the trails are well used.

Adirondack Full Moon: Cross-Country Ski or Snowshoe Options for the Full Moon

© Diane Chase, Adirondack Family Time By Diane Chase An Adirondack Full Moon Ski, Hike or Swim?  One Adirondack family activity we always enjoy is taking our cross-country skies and hitting a trail. The kids find it exciting and we get to experience nature in a new way.  You can take your family to enjoy a planned event or find a quiet place and have kids find out what animals are starting to wake up at night! Always bring a headlamp whether you are out on your favorite trail or participating in an organized event! Enjoy!

Adirondack Paintball Biathlon Series 2014

No one has to wait for the Sochi Winter Olympics games to participate in an Olympic sport. Once again all young adults have an opportunity to be part of the Adirondack Paintball Biathlon.                                                        The entry is $10/event for the first six events ($5 for NYSEF, NPSC, ORDA Pathfinder, Dewey Mt and TLNS athletes). There is a $20 admission for anyone participating during the Grand Finale as part of the NYSEF Nordic Kids Festival on March 23.                                                Any child from 8-14 can register and compete in any or all of the 2014 Adirondack Paintball Biathlon Series. Any child competing in all seven events gets a free event t-shirt. No experience is necessary though each participant must have his/her own cross-country ski gear. Some kids race against each other while others just try to pull a personal best. Each race will vary depending on the location. Each venue will have a slightly different f

Adirondack Ski Mountain Ski Swaps

By Diane Chase, from my weekly Adirondack Almanack post Being an active family, my kids seems to outgrown their sporting gear before I’ve finished tying up the laces. For other parents looking to outfit their children for the winter ski season, a ski swap is a nice starting place. A ski swap can also be a much-needed opportunity to clean house Generally the ski swaps are consignments where you drop off your gear, helmets, and winter clothing a day before the event. If the gear sells then you will receive 80% of the set sale price. Usually the funds generated benefit a special organization like ski clubs or ski patrols so the 20% commission goes to support the sport. It is best to ask what each ski swap's arrangement is, as it varies with location. Keep in mind no “collector’s items” like wooden skis and only clothing in good condition.   Lake Placid: November 5, 9:00 a.m. – noon In Lake Placid, the   Lake Placid Ski Club/NYSEF Ski Swap   is asking for any winter gear from

Adirondack Ski: Lake Placid Connery Pond Cross-Country Ski

A quick and easy Adirondack family activity is taking snowshoes or cross-country skis to Connery Pond. A longer ski is continuing on to Whiteface Landing.  Connery Pond is a beautiful cross-country ski or snowshoe. Located just 3-miles east on Route 86 from the Route 73/86 junction in Lake Placid. It is a level, easy path for any age.  Parking is just past the Connery Pond sign, on the right. Park and cross the highway to access the trail

Things to do in Inlet, NY: Adirondack Inlet's Fern Park

By Diane Chase Fern Park in Inlet, New York (NY)  offers free skating, sledding, snowshoeing and cross-country ski trails for just a few winter ideas. Since we try to always be prepared, the back of our mini van looks like a traveling sports shop. Ice skates, snowshoes or skis are in the back. Helmets are at the ready. Kids play on around a snow maze Our family likes to see all sorts of places around the Adirondacks. Winter looks just a bit different in the High Peaks than it does in the Central Adirondacks. A visit to Inlet allows us many opportunities to play and enjoy the outdoors and all for free. The indoor ice rink has attached warming room and restrooms The Fern Park Ice Rink is free and open to the public every day from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m (weather dependent). Fern Park Recreational Area in Inlet can be a full day activity for families or a quick stop for kids/children to release some pent-up energy.